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Background of the Department

In the Sri Lankan context, devolution means transferring political and administrative decision-making authority from central government to elected bodies at lower levels. The instruments of devolution:

  • The Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution
  • The Provincial Councils Act No 42 of 1987

Accordingly on 14 November 1987 the Sri Lankan Parliament passed the 13th Amendment to the 1978 Constitution of Sri Lanka and the Provincial Councils Act No 42 of 1987.On 3 February 1988 nine provincial councils were created by order. The first elections for provincial councils took place on 28 April 1988 in North Central, North Western, Sabaragamuwa, and Uva provinces. On 2 June 1988 elections were held for provincial councils for Central, Southern and Western provinces. Provincial Councils was Set up Run under Governors Supervision.

From there we begin our journey and we came our several Elections and chief Misters venture as Provincial Treasury by providing Support to Manage and Manipulate Provincial Fund now We have our 20 year of Excellence in Public Sector Finance Management.

In this regards Uva Provincial Council was established and the Department of Finance Management is considered as the Provincial treasury. At first the Department of Finance Management was undergoing as a section under the Chief Secretary’s office. In 2002 it was become a department with a head number.


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